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The SAME 16 organization team is proud to present to you a highly diverse and exciting scientific program. Following the focus of several previous SAME meetings, we have chosen the motto: “From Boat to Bench“ (Integrating Field Observation with Lab Experiments). Our intention is to highlight the current need to better relate field observations, in particular modern multi-OMIC approaches with sophisticated lab based experiments to dissect observations.

In times of rapid methodological improvements in several scientific fields, especially in molecular ecology and chemical analytics, an exciting progress in understanding environmental microorganisms has been achieved. However, these observations often lack the precise evaluation of mechanisms of processes and ecological patterns.

With SAME 16, we hope to fill this gap and provide stimuli for future research avenues. At the same time, SAME 16 provides several social activities and sufficient time for personal exchange and hopefully lots of fun. Therefore, we have chosen the beautiful surroundings of the “Neue Palais”, one of the major tourist attractions in the historical city of Potsdam. Thanks to the University of Potsdam, we are able to hold the venue in this unique environment, which will provide lots of opportunities for scientific exchange and sightseeing at the same time. We wish you a nice, exciting and stimulating time at SAME 16, Potsdam 2019!

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